Learn Italian in NYC

Italian Classes in NYC



NAPOLI I – Beginner Italian

Parliamo l’italiano!  We begin with salutations, presentation, the verbs essere and avere, definite articles, basic noun vocabulary, regular adjectives, and the present indicative tense.


NAPOLI II –  Elementary Italian

Now that we have a bit of confidence, we will continue to learn!  In the Napoli II course, you will learn irregular verbs, possessive adjectives, pronouns and reflexive verbs, prepositions, and you will be able to do grocery shopping in Italy and to tell people about your past experiences.


MILANO I – Pre intermediate Italian

You are on the right path now, don’t stop!  With Milano I, you will learn to use the imperfect tense and will be able to talk about your future plans!


MILANO II – Intermediate Italian

Now it’s all downhill travelling!  Further immerse yourself with Italian, learning how to give orders and how to talk about hypothetical scenarios.


ROMA I – Upper intermediate Italian

There are no more secrets to this language!  Welcome to the Roma level, where expert teachers will guide you through learning the use of the past remote tenses, of the future in the past and you will reinforce the more complex structures already seen. A lot more space for conversation and exchange as well!


Roma II – Advanced Italian

The tense consistency and the indirect speech will complete the study of the Italian structures. The majority of time will be dedicated to oral communication and review of more complex structures.


Firenze I

Let’s talk in Italian! Conversation classes to practice and review what was learned.


Firenze II

Let’s talk in Italian! Conversation classes to practice and review what was learned.










Learn Italy reserves the right to close or cancel a course due to insufficient registration.  Students will be notified in advance if  their chosen course will be cancelled.